Do you have traits of Adult ADD / ADHD?

Finally, a Program of Proven, Easy-to-Use Productivity Boosting Tools and Strategies Designed Especially For Your Needs

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Dear Fellow Adult with ADD / ADHD,

Think back on a day where you arrived at work on time, started working right away, went through your email efficiently, made progress on several projects, returned your calls and left in time to enjoy a pleasant evening, feeling accomplished and satisfied.

That day felt great didn’t it?

Unfortunately for professionals and business owners with ADD/ADHD, days like that are few and far between.

For every day that you’re in the zone and get everything accomplished that you want to, there are at least a handful of other days spent feeling guilty, frustrated and stressed because of your lack of productivity.

Those days where your best intentions are undermined by unproductive and self-sabotaging habits, that leave you overwhelmed, behind schedule, and what feels like a million miles from your goals and dreams.

What If – With Just a Few Simple Changes-
You Could Start Having Those Focused, Productive, Satisfying Days EVERY Day?


How Would Your Life and Career Change If EVERY Day Was a Productive Day?

  • Maybe you’d show your boss what you’re really capable of, and land that promotion or raise you’ve been working toward.
  • Maybe you’d kick the growth of your business into high gear, and finally create the financial freedom and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.
  • Maybe you’d be able to make a bigger positive impact on the lives of your clients, customers, or patients and go home each day feeling great about the difference you’ve made.
  • Maybe you’d finally get to have a personal life, spend more time with your family and friends, and have more time to enjoy your favorite hobbies instead of being bogged down at the job 24/7.

It really is possible.

I’ve developed a set of tools and strategies designed specifically to work with your unique ADD/ADHD brain, and all its strengths and weaknesses.

I’m Bonnie Mincu, Senior Certified ADHD Coach.

Bonnie Mincu, Senior Certified ADHD CoachI’m sick of seeing how habits, tendencies and struggles caused by ADD / ADHD are sabotaging people’s success at work, stressing out their families and keeping them from reaching their career goals.

As someone with ADD, I’m all too familiar with the stress of day after day filled with unproductive performance and unmet expectations. I know you feel ashamed and guilty over your continued lack of progress, despite your best intentions.

Since I founded Thrive with ADD in 2001, I’ve devoted my career to helping Adults with ADD / ADHD find strategies and develop customized solutions that work for them.

And I’ve become intimately acquainted with all the things you may have tried that don’t work well in the long run for most people with traits of ADD / ADHD.

What probably has NOT worked well for you:


Forcing yourself to work a plan   If your plan isn’t created around working with your own attention span, you wont be able to focus, no matter what your intention. As soon as the first activity gets derailed, the rest of the day follows.


Following conventional organizational systems   While most popular systems are good, you need to personally relate to a system in order to follow it. Most conventional systems don’t address your particular needs to see and touch information. Without incorporating a way for you to reliably maintain the organization system that is set up, it quickly falls apart.


Taking time management training   Unless the training is geared to people with ADD / ADHD, it won’t address your needs and challenges.  Traditional training doesn’t teach you how to break down tasks, make priority decisions, and determine how long things take.  Without those skills, you can learn the principles of time management, but still not be able to apply them successfully.


I never dreamed that my particular combination of skills would prove so uniquely valuable in coaching professionals with ADD/ADHD.

I’ve been an entrepreneur coaching ADD / ADHD Adults since 2001. But before starting Thrive with ADD, I had worked 23 years in corporations. My background as a trainer, executive coach and process consultant has been invaluable in helping my clients design customized processes that work uniquely for them.

I took my process design consulting experience, breaking down projects and tasks into systematic steps, and applied it my own ADD brain.  I then created tools that could be individually applied to the processes and brains of my ADD/ ADHD clients.  From the very beginning way back in 2001, the results were exciting.

I was able to help my clients with ADD / ADHD tweak their approaches to a variety of tasks, and create easy-to-follow processes for accomplishing exactly what they wanted to. Without all the resistance, overwhelm, and procrastination they normally experienced.

I’ve created a TOOL BOX of the most effective productivity boosting tools and strategies I’ve discovered for the professional with ADD / ADHD.

You no longer have to be defined by habits of lateness, disorganization, or poor follow-through. You can learn to break down projects, plan realistically, and stay on top of multiple projects and priorities without becoming overwhelmed.

Are you ready to gain control of your work and take back your life?

INTRODUCING ADHD Productivity Engine:

ADHD Productivity Engine Program

A Program to Break Down the Barriers
that Keep You from Reaching Your
Full Work and Life Potential

I’ll Guide You Step by Step to Systematically Replace Your Productivity Sabotaging Bad Habits with Productivity Boosting Good Habits that WORK For People With ADD / ADHD.

During the Productivity Engine Program, I’ll show you new ways of working that make sense to you, naturally put you in a state of flow and focus, and dramatically improve your productivity!

Together, we’ll pull back the veil on all the things you’re doing that are sabotaging your work and making you unproductive (including many that you probably aren’t even aware of).

Then, I’ll show you simple changes you can make to your mindset or tools you can start using that will allow you to override those bad habits permanently and start being more productive right away!

When we are finished, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Get started on even the most daunting projects and tasks without hesitating, feeling overwhelmed, or procrastinating.
  • Take your big picture vision of a project and narrow it down to the specific steps you need to take to move forward, and then take them!
  • Hit the release valve on overwhelm and put yourself in a calm, confident state even when you’re surrounded by things demanding your attention and energy.
  • Avoid getting lured in by phone calls, emails, or surfing the web so you stay on task and turn in great work on time (or ahead of schedule).
  • Remain energized and focused on a project from beginning to end so it turns out great and gets done on time.

All this and lots more! Keep reading to find out more about what we’ll be covering.

After discovering at age 43 that ADD is the reason for so many of my struggles in life, I decided it was time to get professional help to change the patterns that have been limiting my personal effectiveness. After investing in a six month coaching relationship with Bonnie I have reached a new place in life where I am no longer a victim of my own limitations.

Bonnie Mincu, and the tools she makes available have been a vital part of the process that has brought greater life-balance and self-awareness than I have ever known before. She has helped me to move forward in my personal and business life and to implement my vision as an entrepreneur. If you are looking for someone who will walk with you through your daily challenges and help you manifest your deepest intentions, I highly recommend to you my coach someone I now consider a dear friend Bonnie Mincu.

Larry Crane, GA,


Join me for a journey that will change the way you work and live with ADD / ADHD

What you’ll learn in the Productivity Engine Program:

MODULE 1Get Started: How to End Procrastination and Paralysis

The key to getting started on tasks and projects is to uncover the particular patterns and situations that tend to stop you. Well cover the kinds of ADD / ADHD roadblocks that lead to procrastination, the factors that create distraction, and the most stressful paralyzers: overwhelm, fear and shame. Then, I’ll walk you through simple solutions for overcoming the blocks created by all these patterns and situations.

And because learning new techniques is only useful if you can easily incorporate them into your life, I’ll also walk you through how to create Rituals that will help new behaviors become habits that then become second nature to you. Once you learn how to create rituals that will really work for you, you’ll be able to use this technique to stay in control of your habits, instead of having unproductive, self-sabotaging habits control your life.

In this module, you’ll find out

  • How to get started on anything, any time, without fear of procrastinating.
  • The secret to banishing the feeling of overwhelm for good.
  • How to get unstuck and move forward on the terms you set, without relying on panic-fueled adrenaline at the last minute.
  • The secret power of rituals to create habits and make boring and annoying tasks easy and automatic.

MODULE 2It’s About Time! How to Be On Time and Meet Deadlines

Get out of “ADD-Time” forever!

Once you develop a sense of how long things take, you will gain control over your schedule. You are not doomed to be chronically late, or to miss deadlines. A poor sense of time is the cornerstone for difficulties in planning, organization, and so many aspects of work and life that create havoc for people with ADD / ADHD.

In this module, we’ll start working with my breakthrough Time Sense Tool. Once you start using this simple yet profound pencil/paper tool for just a few minutes a week, you’ll be amazed how quickly your own sense of understanding time will radically change and improve.

You’ll discover

  • How to get an accurate sense of time so that you’re no longer late.
  • Critical steps for improving your ability to meet deadlines.

How to use my proven Time Sense Tool to gain new awareness of exactly what is making you inefficient.

Working out of a home-based office and traveling to see my clients. I found that I would often waste oceans of time on unproductive activities. Naturally, I would firmly decide to stop practicing that behavior, but anyone with ADD knows just how hard that really is. Bonnie started me off with several of her tried and true coaching strategies. I think my time for daily reflections and analysis, was the most beneficial. Her time sense exercise and numerous simple organizational techniques were all part of the package.

As a result of Bonnie’s coaching my income has shot up from below six figures annually to well above what I was earning in a corporate environment. I love the exciting opportunities my business is providing me. I am now thriving in my business and harnessing my gift of ADD.

E.M., Illinois

MODULE 3Get Unstuck: How to Handle Writing, and Communicate your Thoughts with Ease

In this module, you’ll discover a simple technique using paper and pencil that can help overcome feelings of paralysis, overwhelm, writers block and brain-freeze when you’re faced with projects involving planning, writing or communicating.

I’ll show you a simple way of capturing your swirling or creative thoughts and getting them down on paper, without having to agonize over organization and prioritizing.

It’s a perfect method for ADD / ADHD because it encourages your mind to roam freely on a subject, without boxing yourself into a structure that you find tedious or constricting. You can use it for anything, from plotting out the steps of a project, to writing a report or thesis, to creating a business strategy. You can even use this method for negotiating a raise or winning an argument.

You’ll find out

  • The mind-mapping technique that makes approaching writing anything almost effortless.
  • The one huge mistake that almost everyone does that makes writing so laborious, and the simple way to bypass it. (You’ll be amazed what a difference it makes the first time you try it!)
  • How to instantly eliminate brain freeze and overwhelm with almost any project in a matter of minutes just by pulling out a piece of paper.
  • How to plan out your “talking points” to present your case with confidence and authority.

MODULE 4Plan it Out: How to Break down Projects and Plan Realistically

You’ll learn some of my most successful tools and techniques that will get you out of overwhelm and disorganization in a hurry. I’ll show you how to use mind-mapping to plan, decision trees and comparison charts to decide priorities, task-batching to make sense of your endless and exasperating to-do list.

We’ll take tools used by management consultants and MBAs, and break them down to their simplest elements so that you can use them anywhere to change your plans instantly when necessary, without dropping the ball. You’ll learn why planning may have seemed like a futile exercise to you in the past, and what you need to be considering in your own work to make planning worthwhile and realistic.

I’ll show you

  • How to plan in a way that makes sense to your ADD brain and structure your projects for easy action.
  • How to break down projects into logical steps, specific actions and bite-sized pieces to eliminate the resistance you feel to starting projects.
  • The simple method for structuring your day to go with your flow, rhythm and attention span instead of fighting yourself.
  • The secret to using your roadblocks to guide your strategies, so you eliminate negative resistance and your plans unfold smoothly despite setbacks.
  • A simple technique to figure out priorities and where to start.

MODULE 5Get your Act Together: Being Organized Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry!

End stress and chaos!

In this module, I’ll give you the tools you need to eliminate the many hours you spend each week looking for things …back-tracking and dreading the stress of not knowing what the status of your project is when asked.

We’ll talk about strategies for painlessly getting through a backlog of disorganized “stuff” and how to create rituals to maintain order going forward. You’ll get simple templates you can use to get projects started and communicate what is needed to others, and to keep track of status the various stages of work.

I’ll recommend some online sites to help you store information and manage projects across multiple people and devices.

You’ll also find out how to

  • Categorize information so you don’t have to search for things.
  • See all your responsibilities at a glance anytime you need without Intensive agonizing (no more sitting around not knowing what to do next).
  • Keep on top of your projects’ status, and keep others informed without them having to ask with easy to use templates.
  • Manage the expectations of your boss, coworkers, and clients, giving them the impression you’re on top of your game at all times.
  • Get clear about direction and avoid dangerous assumptions that will send you spiraling into overwhelm or wasted effort.
  • Become a master at routine paperwork, so you can knock it out and quickly move on to work you enjoy.

MODULE 6Follow Through: See Your Projects Through from Idea to Implementation

In this module, we’ll illustrate the five stages of follow through so you can easily identify exactly what stages are your strongest and weakest — your own “Follow-Through IQ.” Then, I’ll give you strategies to overcome the specific areas where you tend to get bogged down.

Once you have a clear understanding of these five stages of follow through and have the specific tools to navigate them, you’ll be able to

  • Move from the beginning to the end of any project with ease, without encountering the usual stress, anxiety, and overwhelm that usually snags you up throughout the process.
  • Get projects done faster, without the need for costly and time-consuming rework.
  • Actually enjoy your work instead of constantly hitting walls and getting frustrated about not being able to move on to the next step in the project.
  • Be able to manage more responsibilities and projects, knowing how to follow through on them.


“By my early forties, I had neatly compartmentalized the key areas of my life- career, relationships, home/living environment- into a deeply unfulfilled personal constellation. At that point I entered into a coaching arrangement with Bonnie Mincu. With Bonnie’s expertise, my life priorities and their natural ordering began to take shape. We then worked toward turning these priorities into positive visions, motivators for action. The final stage was the development of an action plan, concrete steps that would lead to these goals.

Based on my work with Bonnie, positive change has become the norm in my life, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve switched careers, have more meaningful friendships than ever before, and am proactively exploring new places to live. I strongly recommend Bonnie Mincu as a coach, and/or catalyst for positive change.

Art Feinman, NY (Melbourne, Australia)

Throughout the course implement what you learn… get support as you go!

Over 9 weeks, you’ll be supported as you incorporate what you learn into your own work, tweaking the strategies to tailor them completely to your own needs.


Learn while you “WORK IT” in REAL TIME
3 Virtual Workshops

WORK IT! Get Stuff Done Fast – Virtual Workshop

Some of the toughest things to get done for people with ADD/ADHD are actually chores or tasks that are very simple. That’s because we can’t get motivated to start them, or focus long enough to finish them… they’re too boring or tedious.

In this special session, in real time, you’ll work on several tasks using timer games to induce positive adrenaline. I’ll serve as your “body double” to help you stay focused as you plow through tasks or other items on your To Do list that you’ve procrastinated on.

You’ll discover

  • Timer games that make it easy to get “piddly tasks” done painlessly
  • What kinds of tasks are easy to switch gears back and forth between one and another without losing focus
  • How having a body double work with you — even virtually — can make a big difference

WORK IT! Writing Breakthrough – Virtual Workshop

Writing can be one of the most overwhelming tasks of all for someone with ADD/ADHD. Everyone deals with writers block, but when you have ADD the effects are compounded and can completely paralyze you.

That’s why, as a special session, I’ll be conducting a virtual workshop where we’ll meet over the phone for several hours and in real time, you’ll learn techniques to help you write anything easily.

Just like a live, in person workshop you’ll be guided through exercises that will teach you rapid writing skills you can use on paperwork, emails, reports, letters, or any other writing you do in your work. The only difference is you can attend this workshop from the comfort of your own home or office, and can even use a real project you’re working on in the exercises I give you (kill two birds with one stone!).

You’ll discover

  • How to take a mind-mapping approach to planning and organizing what you want to say to shave hours off your writing time.
  • A fool-proof way to get your thoughts down on paper quickly.
  • My proven process for writing anything easily. Whether its an academic thesis, business proposal, report or just a well-written email, this approach will have you communicating in writing in a fraction of the time.

WORK IT! Organize and De-Clutter Your Workspace – Virtual Workshop

This is your opportunity to finally get your workspace organized, de-cluttered, and ready for HIGH productivity (I know you’ve been putting this one off for awhile!).

Over a couple of hours in real time I’ll walk you through uncluttering your workspace, and getting things organized in a way that will make sense to your ADD brain. So you can hit the ground running on your next project, and avoid getting sucked into a disorganized mess.

We’ll start out on a conference call and re-convene at intervals over several hours to check progress, give feedback and coach you through it.

You’ll get

  • My proven organization tricks for cutting through clutter fast and keeping things organized for good.
  • The opportunity to ask me any questions you have about the best way to organize your workspace for maximum productivity.

The accountability of attending the virtual workshop live that will push you to finally get this important step of organizing your work space DONE!


How Structure and Support are Built In to Productivity Engine

This complete program allows you to take in the strategies in all the ways you learn best: Listen, participate, read, work them out, and get your questions answered.

Attend live interactive webinars or listen at your convenience

  • Each module presented in a live webinar format – Each module will be presented live online, accompanied by helpful visual slides. You’ll also get the chance to interact and ask questions during the presentation.
  • Recorded sessions to download – Can’t make the live session?  No problem, you can download the recorded webinar and view or listen at your convenience. The slides will be yours to keep.

No need to take notes. It’s all provided for you.

  • Complete notes for each session – These notes are provided in an organized way that’s easy to read. You won’t have to plow through dense-looking transcripts to see the main points.
  • Workbook for personal strategies and self-awareness – Download a workbook to write down personal strategies as you listen.

Follow-through and practice is made easy

  • Real-life exercises to practice strategies – Suggested homework assignments will guide you toward getting more productive each week as you build your skills.
  • Email follow-up and reminders – Just watch your inbox to stay on track with practicing the solutions you learn each week.

Structured support sessions help you make productivity a habit

  • Coaching group support as you implement what you learn – Personalize the solutions in your own work with group coaching during live Q&A sessions over the next nine weeks.
  • Virtual “Work It” Sessions guide you in a group as you personally work on your work project for up to 90 minutes at a time to get it DONE!

Gain insight and community from others in private forum

  • Live forum - Interact with others in the program through a private online group its great to know you’re not alone.

(Using your TIME SENSE TOOL) was the first real key step for me. I’m very typically ADD; I look at the big picture and ignore the details. Once the details were in place I felt a lot more comfortable with my workload since I knew EXACTLY what my day really involved. That made all the difference in the world because I could track exactly where all my time was spent. Now I get everything worked into my day, and I no longer leave feeling nearly as exhausted.

Working with you was a great experience!

C.W. New Jersey

Don’t Think Productivity Engine Will Work For You?

I’ve tried strategies before and failed.”

Productivity Engine is designed to help you identify exactly what works and doesn’t work for you. So you’ll quickly gain insight into why your past efforts didn’t succeed. These solutions are taught in a way that guides you in customizing them for your own individual tendencies and preferences.

“I don’t have time.”

Productivity Engine is designed for busy people! You’re probably already stretched to the breaking point. That’s why you need to learn a different way to get your work done.

Attending the live webinars every week will take 60 to 90 minutes. But you can view them at your own convenience, a little at a time, or download them to listen while you’re driving, commuting, or exercising.

The suggested homework assignments need not take any extra time. You can practice the new techniques you learn as part of your regular work only now you’ll be able to do it more efficiently, and in a way that goes with your own natural flow.

“I won’t follow through on what I learn.”

If you’ve read this far, you’re hoping to change that lack of follow-through. No one goes into a project thinking they won’t complete it or reap its benefit. So it’s important to find out what tends to derail you in following your plan. Starting with the very first week of Productivity Engine, you’ll gain important strategies for making and keeping commitments that will help you get through the course. Those strategies will be enormously beneficial in getting you keep on track for work-related tasks as well.

“It costs too much.”

Poor productivity and inefficient work habits are already costing you far more than you’ll ever pay for this course!

Consider how much you’re losing now:

  • Financial cost – Right now, every moment that you are sabotaged by poor habits results in you missing career opportunities, being passed over for promotions, not getting top references and referrals maybe even losing jobs or clients. How much money have negative habits and tendencies cost you in the last year alone?   How about the last five years?
  • Time lost – All those extra hours you’re spending at work because of disorganization or inability to get started soon enough take time away from your family.
  • Sleepless nightsAnxiety over what you might be missing, or how to catch up, can leave you sleep-deprived and unable to enjoy your waking hours.
  • Eroded self-esteem – The stress of living in constant crisis mode can take years off your life. You live in fear that others will find out what you really went through to produce your results. You feel like a fraud, masquerading as someone who has it together but afraid someone will look behind the curtain.

100% Risk-free Guarantee
Boost Your Productivity or Don’t Pay a Penny!

Risk Free GUARANTEE I’m so confident these productivity boosting strategies and tools will work for YOU, I want to invite you to try them completely risk-fee.  Attend the live webinar training sessions, ask your questions and get feedback during the like Q&A calls, follow the exercises and put the tools and strategies to the test for yourself. And if you aren’t thrilled with the increase in productivity you’ve achieved, just let me know. I’ll refund every penny of your investment. No questions asked.  It’s that simple.I’ll even give you a full six months to put everything to the test and get a real sense of whether the steps I’ve laid out will work for you. If they don’t work for you, you lose nothing.

Rev Up Your Productivity Even More With These Bonuses!

BONUS 1: Procrastination Transformation course

Program includes three webinars, two Q&A sessions and homework assignments to help you fully understand exactly what is stopping you each time you find yourself unable to get started on a task or project. You’ll receive solutions to procrastination issues, and an introduction to the strategies for mental paralysis that we’ll get into in detail in Productivity Engine. This course recently sold for $197.  It’s yours free as a participant in the Productivity Engine program!


BONUS 2: Two-three Live Q&A Sessions

One of the biggest keys to making the strategies in this program work is understanding how to use them in your unique situation. Unlike most self-help and time management programs that give you a one size fits all solution and send you on your way, I’ll be conducting two+ bonus Q&A sessions throughout the program to help you custom tailor the strategies to work in your particular situation.

You’ll get the personalized support you need to make these strategies and tools easy to implement in your daily work. You’ll be able to ask questions and get feedback on how to use the strategies in a way that makes the most sense to YOU, so you get the biggest boost in productivity possible.

If you can’t attend live, submit your questions in advance and hear them answered in the recorded replay.


BONUS 3: 30-Minute Private Coaching Session with Bonnie Mincu

Even though you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions in the BONUS Q&A sessions throughout the program, you may have specific questions on how to apply the strategies to your work that need some extra attention.

So, I’m also including one private 30-minute laser coaching session with me that you can use anytime you want (during or up to 30 days after the course). If you’re feeling stuck or are preparing for a big project, this 30-minute session could be just the thing to give you the boost you need to stay focused and on track toward your goals.


What is it Worth to GAIN CONTROL
of Your Worklife and Career?

This Entire Program is Just $497


How much are poor habits and lack of productivity costing you?

Maybe you’ve been passed over for that promotion or raise one too many times. Maybe the growth of your business has stalled and it feels like you’ll never reach your dreams. Maybe your personal and family life has suffered because of late nights and preoccupation with unfinished work.

Whatever the case is for you, there’s a good chance your low productivity has been sabotaging many different areas of your life.

And now is your chance to put an end to that, and finally start achieving the things you know you’re capable of. It’s time to start living a full life. And it’s time to start using your ADD to your advantage, instead of letting it hold you back. Get the tools you need to thrive with ADD, and be just as productive or more productive than your peers who don’t have ADD.

To register for the Productivity Engine live coaching program, just click the registration link below. Remember, you have nothing to lose with my iron-clad money back guarantee. So sign up now and find out what it’s like to have every day be a productive day!

Warm regards,
Bonnie Mincu

Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA
Senior Certified ADHD Coach

Productivity Engine Program

The Course – 9 weeks of learning strategies, tools and techniques

Dates: 2016 dates TO COME:  Available now as recorded self-study

  • 6 live training module webinars including Question/Answer time after each
  • Recordings of all sessions to download at your convenience
  • Complete notes, mp3 audio and slides

“Work-It” Sessions3 real-time virtual workshops
Over several hours, you’ll learn a strategy and practice while working on your own project, periodically re-connecting with the group and leader for feedback and support. Get your work done with break-through results while you learn!

  • #1 – Get Your Stuff Done Fast
  • #2 – Writing Made Quick and Easy
  • #3 – Organize / De-Clutter

Support – Full implementation support between webinar sessions to customize what you’ve learned and apply it to your work life

  • Practice assignments to do, using your own real work or projects
  • Private online community forum for sharing and peer feedback
  • Reminder strategy emails throughout the course (with live program)

FREE Bonuses:

  • Complete 3-module course of “Procrastination Transformation” (webinar recordings and notes)
  • 2 or more live Question/Answer sessions with Coach Bonnie Mincu
  • 30-minute private laser coaching session by phone with Coach Bonnie Mincu

Register Now –  Just $497